E-learning. We transform your old-school training programs into effective online courses.

We help your business go beyond slide presentations and flip charts to e-learning content by capturing and converting your classic training materials into engaging online course materials.

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Do you want to decrease your training costs while making the process faster and more reliable?

Do your employees have to go through slide after slide during a full day training session?

Have you considered a blended learning approach: face-to-face meetings combined with online content?

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We can help you convert your existing training materials to an e-learning format or create new ones from scratch.

How does online learning reduce costs?

Here are a few situations that make traditional training programs costly for your business:

  • employees are gathered for a training session that blocks at least half of a working day
  • trainers need to travel to remote locations. This implies travel and accommodation costs

E-learning can save you money by allowing participants some flexibility to complete training programs. It also gives trainers access to new technologies that don’t require them to travel as often as in the case of traditional training scenarios. Trainers can meet employees in face-to-face sessions and follow up via video presentations and online education programs that automate learning.

How do online courses make learning faster?

Let’s return to the previous example. Traditional training courses take time to organise: the management needs to agree on a date, trainers need to plan in advance, participants need to schedule their time off and rarely everyone’s priorities are taken into consideration. Sometimes it also includes travel. An online course can help your business save a considerable amount of time:

  • communication between the trainer and participants can be done online
  • documents can be shared on the e-learning platform
  • tests and courses can be automatically evaluated
  • participants can schedule their learning depending on their priorities, within an agreed upon timeframe
  • the online class can easily be replicated. It’s just a matter of enrolling users

How does e-learning help increase knowledge retention?

One of the problems with traditional training programs is that they are an one off event. Rarely do they have a followup session. Online courses allow trainers to use a variety of multimedia tools and they allow participants to go over the material as many times as they need in order to retain information. Because computer based training (CBT) has its limitations, the solution we suggest is to have a blended learning approach to training.

What is blended learning?

Blended learning (also called hybrid learning, technology-mediated instruction, web-enhanced instruction, and mixed-mode instruction) represents the combination of face-to-face training sessions and the use of computer based training. It brings together the best of both worlds, as studies have shown.

Do you do SCORM?

Yes, depending on the type of the materials you want to convert to SCORM, or if you want them built from ground up, we are able to provide solutions.

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E-Learning Administration

Our offices can assist with providing administrative support for your online training needs. These are some of the responsibilities that ensure operational performance of the learning management system (LMS):

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Course Implementation

We offer the further service of capturing and converting your classic training material into engaging online course materials. We can further implement that onto our e-learning system.

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Course Creation

Do you have an innovative training course idea but lack the time and resources to create it? We can help! Our team – through consultation with you – will realise your training course ideas, taking into consideration your stated objectives and specific requirements.

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E-learning. Transformăm conținutul trainingurilor clasice în format e-learning.

Ajutăm afacerea ta să treacă de la prezentări PowerPoint și flipchart-uri la cursuri online, transformând conținutul existent în format e-learning.
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